Teaching Seminars

The Craft of Teaching: Let Your Personality Mold Your Style"  (2 hour talk)

 What is good teaching? Much has been written, and discussed about this very subject. Some say that good teaching can be viewed as a formula; subject matter + generic methodology… not so fast! Great teaching is a dynamic interaction that involves transforming knowledge into student understanding. As teachers we have the responsibility to create a positive environment for learning. Come find out how that is done. We will talk about teaching as a craft; a recipe of principles, skills, personality and style, and how to improve and excel as teachers who inform, inspire and incite!


Head Start on College Teaching: Preparing for Your First Day of Class (half day workshop)

Whether you intend to teach one class or have a heavy teaching load, there are some basic principles of pedagogy that facilitate learning. Get a jump on developing your own teaching philosophy, and learn how to apply it to your own classroom experiences. Topics include: first day of class, setting the tone, developing rapport, classroom citizenship, philosophy of grading, changing the pace, tools for teaching, circle of learning etc.


Motivating Students: “If I Could Just Get Them to…”

So what is the secret to motivating students? What options do we have? As teachers, how can we foster an attitude of interest and application? Find out what really motivates students, and how we can help them build a passion for the subject matter.


Public Speaking, Friend or Foe: Keys to Making Effective Presentations

Whether you are giving a talk, teaching a class, instructing a lab, or leading a discussion, there are some key principles to being a successful public speaker. Come find out 10 tips that will improve your public speaking technique and ability, and will leave your audience informed and inspired.